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Proper nutrition makes all the difference in the world when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. Of course healthy eating is important whether you workout or not, but having healthy eating habits can dramatically effect the overall success of your workout. Proper... [Learn More]


Men and women everywhere are more educated about the benefits of weight training. For years the thought was simple, workout with weights and get BIG! Now we understand that weight training is more than just to gain size. It is necessary for losing weight more effectively... [Learn More]


Atlas Gym 2 is a no nonsense gym where our members main goal is to workout. Men and women of all ages enjoy coming to the gym knowing everyone's there to put in their work and get on with their day. Atlas...
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Personal Training has become increasingly more popular. At Atlas Gym 2 we treat each individuals training needs individually. Everything starts out with a consultation. We need to understand what your goals...
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At our juice bar, we concoct a variety of healthy fruit smoothies and great tasting protein shakes. These drinks are a great way to give the body nourishment to help you get on with your day...
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